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Tunis January 14, 2009 -

A first in Tunisia! Tunisia Telecom launches new offer called "SIGOUNDA" and intended to prepaid subscribers to offer pricing based on the billing from the 1st second.
Whatever the offer to which you subscribe, and until January 31, 2010, you can migrate freely to "SIGOUNDA" by dialing * 130 * 6 #.
Yes! The second is 5 millimes for all local destinations!
With the second billing from the 1st second of TT plus a second to lose!

TT just aligned with its main competitor Tunisiana who recently started charging its customers per second in stead of the old 15 seconds chunk system.


The monopolistic Vsat and Wimax provider Divona Telecom has officially changed its corporate name to orange Tunisia after winning a bid to provide exclusive 2G and 3G cell services becoming in the same time part of the French Telecom group with less than 50% shares as stipulated by the the Tunisian regulations.

The move was expected as part of the new marketing strategy of the company to introduce a well know brand rather than using an old Vsat and Wimax provider barely know or even creating a new brand from the mix.

Ornage France has many exclusive contracts allowing to distribute Black berry and Iphone a growing trends in the telecoms markets with the lack of support from Tunisia telecom and the inability of Tunisiana to market any phones locally other than the HTC.

Months ago, Divona did merge with its little sister compagny Planet a major Tunisian ISP with hundreds of sales shops and hundreds of technical support all over the country, Ornage Tunise will certainly benefit from this asset making it easier to distribute their goods in no time.

Divona telecom has also build a solid structure of Wimax with mostly 60% coverge in the tunisiana territory thus adding GSM repeaters on the Wimax tours already available would be an other benefit to spred its cellular coverge in a couple of months, already outsourced to Huwawei the Chinese telecommunication company doing business in Tunisia and other European partners as Satec.

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A Tunisiana insider has reported trusty that Tunisiana has raised all the GSN engineer by 25% and gave them an exceptional bonus of 30,000 TND n made them sign a closed contract for 5 years.

The company seems preventing and overprotecting its brilliant staff from moving -if offered better salaries- to the next concurrent (Divona / orange Telecom).

The last news from Divona bakery were talking about French staff that will integrate the actual team for the GSM platform.


Naceur Hidoussi Hexabyte's CEO -One of the first ISP in Tunisia- Has confirmed that the company was healthy and fine contesting the late rumors about it's imminent bankruptcy.

As the two major ISP: Planet and Topnet most of the market, other company has been shadowed under the hard competition, Hexabyte's lack of innovation and slowdown of activity has spread a cognitive sense of its uncertain future.

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Communications Markets in Tunisia offers a precise profile of the country’s converged telecommunications, media, and technology sectors based on proprietary data from our research in the market. The 24-page report provides detailed competitive analysis of both the fixed and mobile sectors, tracks the market shares of technologies and services, and monitors technologies such as WiMax, IPTV, and VoIP. It provides a comprehensive view of the communications market by analyzing key trends, evaluating near-term opportunities and assessing upcoming risks factors. Download an excerpt of this report here .

Even though Tunisia’s mobile and fixed penetration were among the highest in the region in 2008 (82.1 percent and 11.5 percent, respectively), the low broadband penetration rate of 2.2 percent indicates there is still room for growth, observes Sylwia Boguszewska, analyst at Pyramid Research and author of the report.

“To stimulate competition, the government launched a tender for a fixed-line services license so as to promote broadband Internet access and prop up mobile telephony services,” Boguszewska says. “The process of a tender for a technology-neutral license for a mobile and fixed operator was started in May 2009, and a new player is expected to enter the market in 2010,” she adds. This, plus the sale of another stake in Tunisie Telecom, will have a positive effect on market competiveness and liberalization.”

“Although the market will contract in 2009, it will bounce back with broadband being the fastest growing among other significant market segments,” explains Boguszewska. Broadband services will be a considerable source of growth over the next five years, with a CAGR of 15.1 percent between 2009 and 2014, producing estimated revenue of $174 million in 2014, up from $81 million in 2008. “This growth will over compensate for the decline in narrowband Internet services, which will only generate revenue of $4 million in 2014,” concludes Boguszewska.

Source [Pyramid Research]


NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS TUNISIA - TUNISIA-EX SIEMENS crossed the decline 15 July 2009 the thresholds of 10 and 5% in the capital of the SOTETEL, directly after the sale of 213 247 shares and voting rights, representing 9.198% capital.

NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS TUNISIA plans to continue the transfer of shares or voting rights owned by him, and does not acquire new shares or voting rights.

Source [Trustex]


Affluence record at the Business Forum of the ATUGA on Thursday 16 July. Obviously with 1000 vacancies posted, the enthusiasm of young graduates was expected. This interest is fueled this year by the arrival of the 3rd telecom operator Orange Tunisia. Not surprisingly, the stand designed by Divona recruitment was from the beginning, taken by storm. Hundreds of young people came to inquire, submit a resume or complete an application form carefully developed.

Many animation on the other stands including Tunisia Telecom, Tunisiana, Talan, Telnet, Oxia, HR Access, and others. On many stands, the bosses themselves were to host the candidates and listen to them. "It's impressive," says a young engineer at Leaders! Imagine that I was received at Mr. Mehdi Talan Houas, smiling, courteous and attentive. Only at the end of the interview I knew it was the CEO! "

Source [Leaders]

The surprising fact about this, is that there no was no media buzz around like if Divona / Ornage has tried to hide the event or to make very close to a certain people.